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Spiritual DNA

As Jesus gives us new birth in Himself, we take on the nature and characteristics of who He is. We are not weakened versions of Him any more than He was a weakened version of the Father. We not only have Jesus' spiritual DNA in us but also have the spiritual DNA of our Heavenly Father. My hair color did not change when I became a Christian, but my nature as a new creation in Christ did change.

If we could just grasp the significance of what it means to have the spiritual DNA of our Heavenly Father running through our spiritual heart, we would be radically different Christians than we are now. When Jesus walked the earth doing miracles, He did them as a man, not as God. He gave up His rights to be God when He came to the earth and He did no miracles as God but strictly as a man empowered by the same Holy Spirit we carry inside of us. What this means to us is that we, too, can do these same things, in addition to greater works, because Jesus' and the Father's DNA are in us. (Taken from an excerpt from my book "Out of Egypt.") (Use by permission only.)

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