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A Hundred Thousand Little Acorns

Yes, it is almost Christmas and I am still writing about leaf cleaning. That is because I am still cleaning them up and will be into the new year. I was reminded of one more thing the Lord was showing me when I last had my trusty leaf blower out doing its thing. I am not exaggerating when I say I have hundreds of thousands of acorns in my yard. The graphic is from a two inch square part of my yard and I have a reasonably large lot so you can see how many acorns I must have. Each one of these little acorns has the potential to become a mighty oak tree built within its DNA. And every person on the planet of the earth is important to the Lord and has potential built within their DNA to be a mighty man or woman of God. It all depends on their circumstances and most of all their will and what choices they make. I say circumstances because a person born to Christian parents in a free country has a much better chance of becoming all God created them to be versus a person born of a different religion in a country that is predominately made up of that religion. That is not to say God cannot sovereignly touch their lives and bring them to that place in Him. He absolutely can and does but as someone who was raised in church from the cradle roll up it was so easy for me to take that step of accepting Jesus as my Savior, as I had always been taught. Let us who have had it "easy" to know Jesus in this personal way help others who have not had it so easy. They don't have to be in another country; they can be right next door or a member of your own family. It is not only the commission we were given as Christians but it is also our responsibility to do so. Let us not blow these people to the curb, so to speak, so they do not stand a chance to come to Jesus. Just as an acorn takes the right mixture of sun, water, and soil to become a mighty oak tree, they too take some care and encouragement to become what God created them to be.


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