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Remote Control

Recently the Lord spoke the following to me. "You can control things form a distance just like a remote control does. You do this by your prayers and your decrees. Look at the buttons on your remote and see all you can do with it. This will be a picture of what you can do remotely in the spiritual realm. Let me 'input' into you 'all' that I want you to pray and proclaim. You can change spiritual channels, raise the churches volume up or down and mute the enemies voice. I will be your 'guide' and give you the 'info' you need in every given situation, just ask Me--'ok.' We can go 'back' if you miss something or we can 'fast forward' if that is My desire, but don't 'fast forward' and leave Me behind. There are 'options' available to you and a 'menu' to peruse. 'Record' what I tell you and 'search' out the deep things of God. 'Search' the depths of my being. I give you 'Divine, Vision, & Revelation' as we go along this walk. Watch the numbers, their meanings will reveal things to you. Sometimes there will be 'pauses' and 'space' to do and to absorb what I tell you."


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